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RIP Ray Bradbury

6 Jun

Awarding-winning and groundbreaking science fiction writer Ray Bradbury has died today at age 91. It is a sad, sad day for the literary and science fiction world. Even if you’re not a science fiction fan, he was an extremely influential writer whose work influenced much of the genre today. You will always be remembered here at Better Know a Book.

Updated: The New Yorker has released his short piece “Inspiration for ‘The Fire Balloons'” that was in this week’s Sci Fi issue. It’s a beautiful piece and more than worth a read. Here is why science fiction is no less of a realistic genre than any other.


Calling all Better Know a Book readers! Let’s talk themes.

22 Apr

So I’ve been thinking about how to plan the next few months (and, of course, the rest of the future), and thought it might be interesting to do a couple of theme months. I’d thought of doing a Young Adult fiction month that featured famous, classic Young Adult books (no, not Twilight, don’t even ask about Twilight), but what about a Mystery month? A sci-fi month? A theater month? An existential month?

The point of this post being I’d love your feedback as to what you, my wonderful readers, would want to see. And hey, I’d love your help with any “theme” month, in both general ideas and blog posts themselves. So please. Do leave comments.

A shameless, shameless plug

18 Feb

Hey there readers! So as much as I love you all, I have a confession–I was a guest blogger for a wonderful project called the 3six5 project this past week. Everyday they invite a new writer to chronicle their day as a way to create a collective “diary” of our world as it happens today, and an individual’s experience of it all. You can find my post here. It’s not about books but you will learn things like that I’m not all that opposed to Valentine’s Day (if my last posts didn’t make that clear) and that I’ve learned to knit recently.


Back to that school grind.

2 Feb

I’m back at school ya’ll, and while I’ve got more posts lined up for you guys, do forgive me if there’s a lag in content these next few months. But I’ll be sure to put up more book profiles, links, and literary delights, so no fears!

If you thought “hiatus” meant I was gone for good, you thought wrong.

13 Jan

A dramatic return! Well, not really. I have missed you, my fellow Better Know a Book-ers! The semester squished almost any time I had had to read and write for myself, but alas, I’m on break (a very long one, at that), and my hope is to write up some marvelous reads I’ve come across over the past few months. I have missed blogging tremendously in the time I was on hiatus, and the goal is to come up with enough entries to keep you all satisfied for at least the near future. I can’t promise how things will go as the semester rolls along, but I feel it’s an admirable goal. So keep a look out! Books and books and more books are coming this way!