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“The Stones” by Sylvia Plath

25 Apr

This is Sylvia Plath reading her poem “The Stones” in 1962. Because sometimes on Wednesdays you need to hear some beautiful poetry.


A shameless, shameless plug

18 Feb

Hey there readers! So as much as I love you all, I have a confession–I was a guest blogger for a wonderful project called the 3six5 project this past week. Everyday they invite a new writer to chronicle their day as a way to create a collective “diary” of our world as it happens today, and an individual’s experience of it all. You can find my post here. It’s not about books but you will learn things like that I’m not all that opposed to Valentine’s Day (if my last posts didn’t make that clear) and that I’ve learned to knit recently.


A Call for Contributors!

21 Jan

My dear readers, I’m coming up with some lovely ideas for posts for the next month that I think you’ll all really enjoy! So get ready for some good reads to warm up with!

However, there’s an aspect to this blog that I do hope to improve. My dream is to have MANY different voices contributing to profiles. So if you’re a reader, I want YOUR help! Check out the “Want to Contribute?” tab above, write to me, and let’s talk about you collaborating with me. It’s fun and you’ll get your own tagline with each and every post.

Tell the world about your favorite book. Give someone as wonderful a reading experience as you have had!