Want to contribute?

  • Are you a Cormac McCarthy enthusiast who is absolutely appalled at the lack of his work on this blog?
  •  Do you feel Flann O’Brien is underrated, and want to tell the world about his glorious works?
  •  Did you write a thesis on Paradise Lost and want to squeeze into a tiny concise little profile (a true blue indicator of literary dedication right there)?
  •  Maybe you recently read the Bronte sisters for the first time, and would love to talk about them more?

Then please, please contribute to Better Know a Book!

Let’s face it. I’m a bookworm, but I’m young, I haven’t read everything I want to yet (for example, I’ve read woefully little of Hemingway, or the great Russian writers, and little to no French literature…someone guide me!). And I’m working through my list of must-reads as quickly as I can, but everyone has different literary tastes and expertise, and I could really use that as I build Better Know a Book. The more voices, the more diversity of experience, the better you can know/understand a literary work.

I’ll be honest, I tend to read a lot of British/Irish/American literature from the twentieth century, and I read a lot of works dealing with the body and feminism. I certainly try to expand, but that’s the truth. Want to add some Proust, or Fitzgerald, or Austen, or Flaubert, or Rilke, or Tolstoy, or Hunter S. Thompson, or Plath, or Keats, or what have you? Send me your idea, and if I think it’s what this blog needs (and it probably is), you can author a post! I’ll even be setting up an authors page too, so you can receive credit for your postings and much appreciated work.

So, if you’re willing to write a profile (or multiple!), please get in touch with me, and I’d be happy to send you the profile submission guidelines at betterknowabook@gmail.com.

(Please try to stick to “classic” books–I would say, for now, published BEFORE 1985. They ought to be somewhat recognizable authors/titles at least.)


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